Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Auto Immune Disease and Geopathic Stress 

Dr Shalini Gugnani brings out these important points with regards to the geopathic stress and auto immune system. Human beings have been  suffering  physically since the beginning of humanity. Medical system has been improved with the passage of time so as, the changes in our lifestyle and developments in infrastructures  have also brought increase in  various diseases.
 Laying stress on how a shift from conventional allopathic and homeopathic medicines is important, she says, “Holistic sciences such as astrology and Vaastu  have helped us diagnose and treat various diseases at initial levels and could take remedies to ward them off as well.... But as science grows and structural changes happening world wide such as Underground formations, subterranean water currents, specific mineral deposits, or different fault lines emits  specific electro magnetic fields that can be harmful for a human dwelling.  
These are various types of earth energies. At times not at all good for human health known as geopathic stress energies . . How,ever if your house is located in a geopathic stress area, you really need to understand what is happening and find appropriate solutions to protect your health .
The vibrations emitted by various earth energies do not cause a specific illness, but rather lower a person’s immunity to fight diseases. If your  bed is placed above a geopathic stress zone, all your body can do is try hard to keep its basic balance all night long and you are certainly going to get affected since you  spend maximum time on your bed.  Their comes the role of getting prone to auto immune diseases ,,sometimes taking the symptoms towards depression or  waking up even more tired than the night before. . You may find yourself waking up at odd hours and odd angles in the bed unconsciously pushing yourself away from GS lines. .. Symptoms like depression can directly affect the marital happiness and effects in social and business contacts, due to the negative thinking the person loses its interest in life. Ultimately affecting different aspects of life .  Females are more prone to get affected. This shows if one has been exposed to GS for a long time, the body loses its natural tendency to seek and maintain a condition of balance or equilibrium within the internal environment, even when faced with external changes , leading to being afflicted by several diseases and negative psychological  effects.
Clearly , once you have determined where GS zones in your home or workshop are , your easiest and cheapest approach to avoiding GS is simply to reposition any beds, work tables and chairs that lie in these  zones.”
Dr, Shalini Gugnani